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Sheboygan Yacht Club Members

Membership in the Sheboygan Yacht Club includes the privilege of visiting other clubs that recognize SYC as a reciprocal organization. It is advisable that the member contact any club they plan to visit in advance to avoid disappointment upon arrival.

A few clubs require a letter of introduction from the Commodore or General Manager of SYC and a current membership card. Please provide the name and address of the club you wish to visit and SYC will be happy to accomodate your request for an introductory letter.

There are a number of clubs that will not accept cash as payment for goods or services. Some provide ‘temporary’ memberships and require a credit card on file to apply charges against. Others may bill charges to your home yacht club (SYC). It is permissible to allow this type of billing and SYC will include all such charges on your regular monthly statement. As a courtesy, please notify the SYC Office Manager when this occurs.

Visiting Guests

The Sheboygan Yacht Club will accommodate any member of a legitimate yacht or boating club (generally, those having a permanent facility to meet, established bylaws, and elected officers). Membership in US Sailing or Lake Michigan Yachting Association may be considered when there are questions about a club's eligibility. Proof of membership is required and usage is subject to SYC’s House Rules.

All guests are directly responsible for charges incurred. We do not allow charges to be billed to your home club, but we do accept cash, Master Card and Visa.

With adequate notice, the Sheboygan Yacht Club will accommodate groups from visiting clubs as may be appropriate to a cruising rendezvous’, race destination, or similar activity. Please contact the club manager for dining reservations and arrangements. Privacy can be provided for small parties.

Reciprocity Commentary

Reciprocal privileges have become more restrictive over time. Most clubs in our area are acquainted with SYC and welcome our members without exception. In the past, clubs unfamiliar with us have recognized and allowed access based on our membership in US Sailing and/or the Lake Michigan Yachting Association. Unfortunately, this is changing.

Many clubs post visitor information on their website. The Internet is a good place to start for finding clubs in the area you are visiting and to check reciprocity policies.

Some clubs, especially on the West Coast, maintain a list of recognized clubs. They tend to include clubs within a given geographic radius. Because SYC is not listed does not necessarily mean you would not be welcome, but it is recommended that you contact them before paying them a visit.

A few clubs use a reciprocity guide published by the Yachting Club of America (YCA) to determine individual elilgibility. To be listed, the visitor's club must also maintain a membership in YCA. The Sheboygan Yacht Club does not use YCA for determining visitor eligibility.

It is important to note that some clubs that use YCA's guide also maintain a list of clubs they will not participate with. A well known club in the Midwest, for example, published a list of 35 clubs they would not recognize for reciprocal privileges; twelve of them belonged to YCA. Membership in YCA, therefore, does not guarantee access to clubs that use it as their policy guide.

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